Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Murray's Been Up To...

Now, just in case you forgot that there are two adorable children living in the Koschmann house, I figured I'd update on Muray today as well. I can NOT believe how big he has grown. He is talking better and better each day and starting to put sentences together to describe the world around him. It's quite amazing to see. He also is still very active and very much a boy. He loves running, jumping, and hitting balls...or anything really. He's also been into building houses and towers with his legos or doing anything Lucy does. He loves his sister and loves to follow her around and play with her. They are really interacting well these days and aside from the expected arguments they play quite well together. Here's a few pictures of my sweet little boy.

This is how Murray builds houses...on top of cars!

Murray Playing cars in the kitchen. A few weeks ago Nick made a giant road on

the cardboard from our new patio table.

Murray painting! He loved it. I can't remember the last time I let him paint.

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