Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We've had a week of high fevers at our house for the youngest two, and while the fevers are gone we're still getting back on track, trying to get our routine going in the midst of runny noses and coughing. 

Yesterday I insisted that the tv get turned off and some quality playtime happen. There's no reason to just lay around when you're healthy. So Murray ventured into the game closet and picked out Marble Works. 

I was finishing up a few cleaning chores with Ginny asleep on my back. Murray couldn't wait any longer and began piecing together a track for the marbles. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I let him keep at it. When I had finished my chores he had a great race track built and the marbles made it to the end! He was SO proud of himself and I was really proud of him. So we got down to racing. He had the 5 blue and green marbles, I had the 1 red marble (strangely enough...he kept winning). 

In the midst of our marble noise Ginny woke up from her nap on my back. I took her down and she watched the marbles carefully, looking down the pipes and pieces to see where they would go. After a few minutes she picked up a marble and started figuring out how to make it work. Within a few minutes she was clapping, laughing and doing her best to shout "go" as the marbles raced down the track. 

Murray decided to hook up the "marble slide" it's a piece that can be a bit tricky sending marbles shooting out all over the room, but he wanted to give it a try. Sure enough marbles went rolling, but they all landed safely and Ginny laughed and clapped. So of course, Murray did it again. 

A minute or two later Murray sent all 6 marbles flying down the slide at the same time shooting them across the room at Ginny. She smiled and clear as day shouted out "MARBLE!!!", then laughed and chased after them. 

The rest of the day we kept getting her to say "marble". She has a few words, Mama, Da, Na/No...but really hasn't started naming objects yet. She does lots of pointing, grunting, signing and sometimes screaming to get what she wants. Sure enough...she's just holding out on us! Marble is her first "true word". 

Love it! I love hearing her say it in her sweet little voice and I love how proud both Lucy and Murray are toward her. Prompting her to say it, clapping for her and Lucy even told me how "cute" it sounded when Ginny said it. I love watching these little people grow!