Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Waiting to go downstairs and our first peak around the corner...Lucy was very excited. I think she could see her house from upstairs.

After church and a change of clothes we opened stocking and got down to the business of playing with new toys! A great day!

In the evening on Christmas the kids were still a bit excited and Murray wanted to try out his new bike. Given it was cold and dark we didn't do it outside but at church in the gym. Definitely a perk to being a PK...who else spends an hour on Christmas running around the gym? It was so much fun, even Ginny was laughing. Murray used some Christmas money to buy some new Cars Duplos. He was very intent on following the directions and building it just right. Since then his train table has turned into a Lego table and he LOVES spending time building new fun things! (Thanks Granny Lu)

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A boy after my own heart

Being married to a Pastor there are a few things about Christmas morning that are a bit different than I did growing up...

One of those is getting to church early on Christmas morning...the one car situation makes it even more complicated because we all need to get there when he needs to get there. So, instead of the rule being everyone must have their teeth brushed and hair combed before we go down to open presents (like it was at my house), the rule is No One may go downstairs by the presents until Everyone is dressed for church! 

This year the tree was down 2 levels in the family room, so we could be in the kitchen. I do a baked french toast so we eat breakfast just before leaving for church (after presents). 

We were just about ready to head downstairs, but waiting for a few people to finish up (I think Ginny was getting ready at this point). I started emptying the dishwasher figuring whatever I can get done now I won't have to do later....when Murray started helping out! 

This is a boy after my own heart! Christmas morning, he's anxiously awaiting the presents under the tree, just 5 steps away and he asks yes asks me..."can I help you put the dishes away mama?" Oh my goodness! That boy can be full of sweetness!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

We were taking pictures waiting for Nick to finish making his dinner...
he had to eat while each kid opened 1 gift and then he headed back to church.
We were so thankful he was able to sit with us at the early service and had time to do our tradition of opening 1 gift before heading back in! I was so glad the kiddos didn't have to wait up for him to get home after services!

Not sure if Ginny enjoyed wearing or eating her dress more...but she sure was cute for her first Christmas!

Grammy made Ginny a ring stacking set for Christmas...she loves it! It's one her favorite new toys!

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Christmas Cookies

On December 23rd it finally happened. We were all able to slow down and enjoy the season. I had plenty of time throughout December to do special activities with the kids, and Nick had times he was home and we were together as a family, but it wasn't until this night that we felt like we really took a step back and had a moment to relax. It was wonderful!

We had prepared for it as best we could, keeping the kids out late the night before to finish some last minute grocery shopping so that when Nick came home from work on Friday we had nothing left to do. The kids and I worked throughout the day to finish up schoolwork and preparations for my parents arriving in town the next day (more on that later). 

From the time Nick stepped in the door it was just a fun family time...minus the tears shed over who got to use which cookie cutter and which cookie cutters were "Christmas appropriate". Overall it was a wonderful evening that ended with beautiful cookies (sad we didn't get a final pic) and a special favorite Christmas movie. 

The best part of the night was that my parents left early to get a head start. They planned to stop and stay somewhere overnight, but they made such great time they just kept driving and arrived shortly after we'd put the kiddos in bed. It was so fun to have my parents sneak into their rooms and give them kisses just as they were about to drift into dreamland! There were lots of happy voices and requests for extra kisses. A wonderful end to a wonderful night!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Murray's Christmas Program

Murray did a great job singing at his preschool Christmas program. We were all very proud of him! 

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

One little bug....

One VERY long week!!

This past week the grown ups in our house got hit with the flu.

It was first with mom...then dad...then mom again...

We are extremely grateful it skipped over the kiddos...

I am also extremely grateful that my husband made me toast...a whole loaf worth over the course of the week...

took care of the kids....

picked up a few messes...

woke up early with kiddos to let me sleep in a bit. 

I'm also thankful to our "resident Grandma" for taking the big kids one day feeding them both lunch and dinner so we could recover a bit. 

It's moments like these that you realize how much you do in a day, how thankful you are for your spouse to get through it with you and how much God has blessed us with an understanding staff for my husband (even when he was better he worked from home the rest of the week to help me out) and the wonderful people God has given us even though He has placed us so far away from home. 

Love being reminded of the ways God cares for us...not sure I want the flu again next time I need to be reminded.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Evangeline Kate is 5 months old!

Oh sweet Evangeline Kate...

You're FIVE MONTHS OLD!!! Stop growing already!

Slow doesn't enjoy every small moment of this year!

Lately I've noticed that your ears are growing. Your small beautiful ears are just as adorable, but they're slowly getting bigger. Gone are the delicate newborn ears...

You're trying hard to sit up these're not there yet, but you're trying!

You're playing in the exersaucer and you LOVE the perspective it gives you. Your big brother will bring toys around you and you just watch him play. He actually shares with you...this will most likely change once you start moving and you can help yourself to his toys, but for now he showers you with dinosaurs (the nice ones) and cars. 

You love to "sing" with your big sister Lucy. She sings to you in a baby voice and you just squeal and sing back! You two have a very special relationship and she made up a song just for you when you start crying she sings it and you usually stop to listen to her. 

You know your name! You turn and respond to both "Ginny" and "Evangeline Kate". We love to sing songs about "Evangeline Kate"...great for rhyming...

I think you've rolled both directions....the other day I think you finally rolled from your belly to your back...but I was very tired and may have helped you as I reached for the ringing phone...I don't smiled lots at me though...I think you were very proud...

You still guard your belly laughs saving them for things you find very silly (like mommy dancing, Murray falling over, and daddy's silly faces), but smiles are abundant and make everyone around you smile!

Oh how we have all cherished the last 5 months! I keep thinking back to Christmastime last year when I was hunkering down and trying to make it day by day...what a difference a year makes. I am no longer struggling with morning sickness (that lasted all day!), but snuggling with you and putting dishes away with a baby on my hip!

We love you sweet girl...just slow down a bit for me please?!? I want to remember every little detail of you...and your ears are just growing way too are your sweet little toes...

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Lucy's first snowman on her own...
(Just a little bit of help from the boys lifting and decorating)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for a sense of routine. A few moments of quiet in the midst of the Holiday Season. Lucy finishing her school with me today. The long nap Ginny took that allowed the school to happen so fluidly. Lucy's unique look at things, her love for crafts, drawing and art in general. Her amazing ability to complete her math, and the quick way she does it (I don't think she'd enjoy it at this point if it took her much longer). That I can see her beginning to read. Lucy's love of of learning really. 

I'm thankful for a warm cup of tea. I'm thankful for my nursing baby who reminds me to sit and be still and quiet a few times a day. 

I'm thankful for the cars strew across the floor that show a little boy lives here...

I'm thankful for my husband who comes home in the middle of the day for lunch and gives me a hug and asks how my day is...

I'm thankful for the love of my family...