Saturday, December 10, 2011

Evangeline Kate is 5 months old!

Oh sweet Evangeline Kate...

You're FIVE MONTHS OLD!!! Stop growing already!

Slow doesn't enjoy every small moment of this year!

Lately I've noticed that your ears are growing. Your small beautiful ears are just as adorable, but they're slowly getting bigger. Gone are the delicate newborn ears...

You're trying hard to sit up these're not there yet, but you're trying!

You're playing in the exersaucer and you LOVE the perspective it gives you. Your big brother will bring toys around you and you just watch him play. He actually shares with you...this will most likely change once you start moving and you can help yourself to his toys, but for now he showers you with dinosaurs (the nice ones) and cars. 

You love to "sing" with your big sister Lucy. She sings to you in a baby voice and you just squeal and sing back! You two have a very special relationship and she made up a song just for you when you start crying she sings it and you usually stop to listen to her. 

You know your name! You turn and respond to both "Ginny" and "Evangeline Kate". We love to sing songs about "Evangeline Kate"...great for rhyming...

I think you've rolled both directions....the other day I think you finally rolled from your belly to your back...but I was very tired and may have helped you as I reached for the ringing phone...I don't smiled lots at me though...I think you were very proud...

You still guard your belly laughs saving them for things you find very silly (like mommy dancing, Murray falling over, and daddy's silly faces), but smiles are abundant and make everyone around you smile!

Oh how we have all cherished the last 5 months! I keep thinking back to Christmastime last year when I was hunkering down and trying to make it day by day...what a difference a year makes. I am no longer struggling with morning sickness (that lasted all day!), but snuggling with you and putting dishes away with a baby on my hip!

We love you sweet girl...just slow down a bit for me please?!? I want to remember every little detail of you...and your ears are just growing way too are your sweet little toes...

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