Monday, February 21, 2011

Can You Guess?!? since I know not everyone is an ultrasound tech...and we had a squirmy baby,
so getting a picture this time was not super easy.

Here's a few tips to look for:
The gender of the baby is to the far right of the picture,
directly to the left of the "Can You Guess?" caption

You are looking for 2 pubic bones creating an "equal sign" or
something that looks similar to a "turtle"

The equal sign is a girl
A turtle is a boy

Take your best Guess...I'll have a post going up at noon tomorrow (Tuesday)
to give the real results!

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  1. I voted. :) I'm purposely not calling you today so I won't be disappointed when you don't tell me and make me wait til tomorrow. ;)

  2. i also voted... and am excited to find out for sure!

  3. I've never had to read those before since we always told out techs to stay away from that area when we were looking. I can't wait to hear - I guessed with what ended up being the majority. I'll check in in the morning (for me... noon for you)! Love & Miss You.