Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Murray in the Morning

I've been wanting to post about Murray in the morning for awhile now...he's just so darn cute! We don't always find him amusing if he's up before 7 am, but usually we've been enjoying Murray's morning routine he's developed since Mommy has been staying in bed until someone wakes me up (and lately Daddy has been following suit as well).

In the morning we here feet hit the floor in Murray's room and his bedroom door creek open. Then a quick pause while I'm guessing he assesses the situation, where is everyone? Then it starts....the running feet down the hall and a pounding into our door to knock it open.

He pauses at my side of the bed and stares directly into my sleeping face...then giggles and smiles when I open my eyes and offer a hand to pull him up into our bed. He then snuggles between us and flies his lovie and/or water bottle around as though they are exploding airplanes/rockets or the like. Every 30-40 seconds he lays on my back and asks "It wake up time now mommy?" I usually have him wait a few minutes and then tell him...yep, it's wake up time now.

After it is wake up time he kisses Daddy which makes him wake up. Murray giggles at this hysterically and then he's off to the races!

The best way to describe the next 10 to 20 minutes is to imagine playing pinball...you pull back the lever and then release the ball and it bounces all around! Murray jumps out of bed, hands Nick his pants "here your pants are daddy, let's go!" and then runs downstairs to help make breakfast!

Nick could fill in the details better for the morning routine downstairs....but from upstairs I hear lots of running, jumping and reiterating whatever his breakfast choice for the morning is! "I want a bagel not hot with sugar on it, don't forget sugar daddy!" (this is cinnamon sugar...for all of you questioning what we feed our children).

It's quite an entertaining morning and certainly proof that he takes after his namesake (I can not imagine anyone being more of a morning person than my dad)...and I know someday he'll be a teenager and we'll have to pry him out of bed in the morning...but for now we'll enjoy his energetic start to the day!

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