Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for friends who share their talents. On Tuesday morning I was putting laundry away and listening for kids playing in the next room. I turned my head the wrong way to quickly and had shooting pain in my neck and shoulder. Combine this with the already uncomfortable pregnant lady syndrome and I was not a happy camper.

Good thing I had already started the process to get a referral to see the chiropractor...except that when I called my doctor the paperwork had not been put through...ugh! I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to move ever again (slightly dramatic...but it's how I felt)!

Enter Blizzard 2011. We didn't get hit very hard, but we did get a day off, so Nick was home all day and I was able to take it easy on Wednesday.

Enter amazing friend from church who is a trained massage therapist. Ahh, movement in my neck. She was quite impressed with the size and number of knots in my neck and worked extra time to make sure I would be comfortable today. Yay!

To make everything even better, the rush on my referral came through so I'm headed to the chiropractor! Woohoo! This may all seem mundane to you...but I am so excited to be able to move around's no good when the mom can't turn quickly to see what mischief is happening!


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better...nothing like a great massage. I had to sign up at google to comment so Len Freely now has a g mail account... Fred Knapp was all ready taken.

  2. Dad...that made me laugh out loud that you made a google account for Len Freely...too bad Fred Knapp was taken!