Friday, February 25, 2011

Playing in the Snow!

So, once everyone had eaten breakfast and dressed appropriately the kids and I headed out in the snow today. It isn't anything "new" to the kids anymore to play in the snow (it's the 2nd snowiest February in either history or 10 years...I don't remember)...but, it's really one of the first times I've gone out in the snow with them this year. I've made a few appearances, but really they've been out shoveling with daddy and I've been inside where it's warm.

We had a great time together, they certainly enjoy being out in the snow. We only shoveled a few minutes and then we ventured to the back yard. Here's what we learned there:

*Pregnant ladies should really avoid making snow angels,
if you are pregnant and decide to make a snow angel...
be sure no one over the age of 5 can see you...
it's not very pretty to try to get up
w/o destroying the angel you created!

*You can not find all the grass in the yard with a small garden shovel.
Lucy used the garden shovel to dig for treasure.
About 5 minutes later she screamed
she had found it and showed us the grass!
(she wanted to find the whole yard...but it proved to be too long and she got cold)

*Racing in the snow can be dangerous...if you're 2 that is!
Murray kept wanting to race me...and he kept falling down...
I found it entertaining

*Wearing gloves that are too big makes using a small shovel extremely difficult!
(This was another Murray lesson)
...he so bad wanted to shovel "like cici" but just couldn't do it!

Overall we had a great time outside and finished it off with the last of the hot chocolate and marshmallows...I think I'll be buying more...I'm not convinced the snow is finished yet this year!

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  1. sounds like a great time! i love that the discovery of the grass was so exciting... i feel that way every spring. :)