Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Never a Dull Moment!

So, this afternoon I was picking up the kitchen. Carter was playing cars in the dining room, Lucy, Veronica and Murray were playing family upstairs. I could hear them talking and playing. So, I kept cleaning. Apparently, I should have checked on them in the 5 minutes they were upstairs.

Here's a quick synopsis of the scenario:

Lucy: "Mom, Murray has too much toothpaste on his toothbrush!"

I sigh and think, one day this boy will learn to NOT touch the toothpaste! "OK, I'm coming!" I yell upstairs and start walking upstairs figuring out how much mess there will be.

I see Murray race across the hall trying to escape into his room to hide with his tablespoon of pink toothpaste on his toothbrush and catch him just before he shuts the door.

To my surprise his face is black, his ears are black, his neck is black, his shirt has black streaks, and his hair is smelly, stiff, spiked and yes...BLACK!!

"Murray what did you get into?" I ask...all of a sudden it dawns on me..."Did you play in mommy's make up?!?"

Murray: "Yes, I play in mommy's make up!"

Murray was covered in mascara! I immediately started wiping it off before it dried and set on him...then I realized how much was in his hair and that he had found a bottle of extreme hairspray Lucy got as a flower girl and had sprayed that in his hair (kudos to him for knowing it went in his hair!).

So, into the bath Murray went. I do slightly regret not getting pictures of him painted black with mascara...but for effect...look closely at the pictures below...I had already cleaned his face, neck and ears...the black ring in my bathtub was from the mascara in his HAIR!!!

I think for the first time in over 6 years of marriage, Nick will be cleaning the bath tonight!

Never a dull moment folks!


  1. that face is so precious... he looks like, "okay so maybe that was a bad idea, but look how cute i am!" :)

  2. agreed Nikki! and it's a good thing he's so cute...with all the mischief he finds...it's a good thing he's a master of the cute face!