Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for a few things. First, most bluntly...I'm thankful for not puking today (yet). I've had the feeling a few times, but have managed to let it pass...that's definitely something to be thankful for (sorry if it grosses you out!).

I'm also thankful that at 3 pm I was all finished packing for my trip to Chicago this weekend. With 4 kids around the house getting things organized is definitely a feat worth being thankful for! Hopefully I have everything I need to make Greta's Bridal Shower a success on Sunday!

Third, I'm most thankful for all the fluttering I've been feeling in my belly the last 2 days. It is certainly wonderful to feel that movement daily and when I'm not feeling well to have a fun reminder as to why my body is feeling the way it will. This too shall pass and I will have a sweet little baby to cuddle when it's done...or maybe I'll start feeling better and have to wait to hold my sweet bundle...I'd be happy with that as well!

Overall while I'm pretty tired and still have a long road trip alone with the kiddos...I'm thankful that today has gone smoothly and hoping to have an easy and uneventful trip in the car this evening!

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