Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clean Closet!

If you've stayed at our house anytime in the last 6 months or so you may or may not have noticed the disaster that our guest bedroom closet has become. It's sort of a "catch all" for everything, games, kids toys, the vacuum, crafting supplies, books, old computers and cords...you name it...it was probably in the closet.

Well, recently the kids have wanted to go in there to get their own toys, resulting in the toys around the one they want tumbling down to the ground and being left there. We've put a craft drawer for Lucy in one of the dressers so that needed to be accessible and basically I just became sick of opening the door to a giant mess!

Solution: Mrs. Erdt took the kids to her house for the day and Nick and I cleaned! We emptied every single item out of the closet and either found a new home for it, disposed of it, or donated it. What a great feeling! We stopped midday to get Lucy and take her to preschool and had a little lunch date ourselves.

After lunch we were to the point of putting things back in the closet. I can not believe the difference it has made! We have empty shelves on the bookcase and the walls of the closet don't seem to be falling in on us! We put "grown up" games on the high closet shelves and made different games accessible to the kids...with a strict warning of only 1 game comes out at a time!!!!

We also unstacked the dressers and are planning on making a little computer desk in there for the kids...out of the way and it will need to be turned on by a grown up, so hopefully they won't ask for it all the time!

The best part about this cleaning experience, besides the end result of the clean closet is the realization of reaching the next chapter in our lives. This was the start of preparing the house not only for a new baby, but also for our adventure in homeschooling. We made the baby clothes easy to get at once we know the gender, and we made sure we left high up shelves empty to fill with kindergarten books and curriculum when we order it this spring.

The kids love that they can find and easily get their games and puzzles and we've been busy playing with them this morning...now all we need to do are the kids' closets and the basement...I think we'll wait a bit for that though!

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