Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Quiet Weekend

Just what the doctor (aka mom) ordered! A quiet weekend with little obligations...they don't come around very often, and it's going to be awhile before we get another one! We spent the weekend playing lots, hanging out together and cleaning up the house just a bit. We finished off our Sunday afternoon of cleaning and grocery shopping (the store was INSANE!) with a dinner out together!

What a great weekend! Here's a few pictures from a weekend long project and enjoyment as a family: Marbleworks! What a great Christmas present for the whole family (thanks mom and dad!)

It was a favorite of mine growing up and as you can see from the pictures it's a favorite of the kids already...and Nick does most of the building! I think he'll be sad when they start insisting on building their own!

Love the Spiderman muscles!

You can see the marble flying through the air in this one!


  1. So cute! I loved marble works too :)

  2. marbleworks is a favorite here as well (matt still builds - i think later on he'll just build his own while the kids build their own).
    we have 2-3 sets of marbleworks which makes it fun.
    matt's parents have a set from when he was a kid and they are all compatable, that was fun to build there too.
    ENJOY now while you can, once baby #3 arrives you'll have to put it away for a while (it's in the closet at our house right now - only to come out during Ks naptime.)