Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Things

I read a report in the "Real Simple" magazine a few weeks ago about happiness. It talked about how true happiness is in the little moments of life, we always picture it as a state of being or an achievement...something to strive for...but really it's about different moments throughout the day and how they make you feel, how you respond to them.

When I read this article I was laying in bed exhausted, sick and struggling to make it through each day. I thought it was very interesting, but didn't reflect on it much at the time.

Today I feel I'm turning a corner.

Today I feel like I am having more and more moments of happiness. Moments of joy in my day...while each day is still taking much more effort than a normal day should, I'm once again able to appreciate the time I have with each of my children.

Murray and I had an hour after his nap today before Nick and Lucy came home. We read books together, played "monster" a game where he covers my face and I roar at him when he pulls the blanket off (just not too loud b/c "it hurts my ears" he says), and then we played hockey and just snuggled.

Lucy has just been a joy. Aside from spilling a bowl of tomato soup on the floor she has been a great listener and just a joy to watch. She's so into her crafts, and she worked her way through a PuzzleBuzz magazine today. She's been really into helping with chores in the evening so we go to bed with a clean house.

Lucy also just came down a few minutes ago saying she had a bad dream (I'm doubtful she had fallen asleep yet). She then proceeded to tell me in detail about all these "mean pigs" and the things they were doing...throwing mud etc. By the time she went up to bed she was snuggly and giggly...I'm fairly certain I'll have a little girl to snuggle with when I go up to bed in a few minutes!

My kitchen counters are organized and wiped off thanks to a fun phone call with a friend that kept me moving around.

Nick made sure dinner was cooked and on the table before he left for youth night...and we had a great time cooking together and talking about our day while we did!

So, while this is still a tough pregnancy and I'm not going to jump ahead and say I'm feeling great...I am going to enjoy the little things. The parts of my day that remind me of all the happiness in my life!

Happiness is not a constant state...if it were, we would lose the joy in feeling happy. What a blessing to be able to enjoy a few moments of happiness even if they seem to be fleeting. Hang onto those moments...and just hope they continue to grow...the more moments you have...the happier you'll be :)

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  1. It has been very exciting to be their Auntie and to see them grow and change. I am truly amazed every time I see them all the new things they have learned and how their personalities have evolved!