Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

Growing up in a house with girls made me acutely aware of what life was like with sisters...the good, the bad...and the ugly (which usually involved borrowing someones clothes without asking). Now having Lucy and Murray I'm introduced to a whole new world of brothers and sisters and what they bring to the table for each other!

A few things I've learned is that they expose each other to things they wouldn't know about if they were both boys...or both girls...here's a few examples...

Murray loves playing with Lucy's doll house and Barbies...princesses...
really anything. I love to find him by himself playing in her room.

Wrestling! This has been such a great one to watch develop. As
Murray has grown, they've started wrestling more on their own
without Nick home...it's funny to see Murray start to be able to
"take Lucy down" and Lucy struggle to keep up with
his intensity...but she's still in the game!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...just a few things the kids have been up to lately that make me enjoy them and the ways they're growing!

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  1. man our kids are SOOOO much alike, micah loves to play family and barbies with Naomi and Naomi loves to play catch and wrestle with micah. He usually pins her first though!