Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

I am so thankful for my children and their young ages, their willingness to help and their ability to forget my moments of insanity and love me anyway.

I am so thankful for a loving friend who will listen to me rant about a "molehill" as if it were a "mountain" for 45 minutes while I pick up my house as though the world is going to end.

I am so thankful for my husband (who was gone during the rant but came home to a much calmer, more tired...yet still very emotional wife), who is able to hear the words asking for help and gladly offer it.

I'm so thankful for a good night of sleep and a fresh perspective.

Mostly, I'm thankful for answered prayers and my ability to go to the Lord when I'm struggling the way I was last night.

Today is a new day, I have a bit more energy and while I'm just beginning to feel the nausea seeping in, I've had a much better day with the kids, with the house and with myself.

I'm even hopeful to post a few pics I'm behind on check back :)


  1. where is the like button on your blog?

  2. And I like you. And YOUR BLOG!!