Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mickey Kisses Minnie

So today Murray brought me his Mickey Mouse ears from Disney World. Lucy had somehow managed to get both her Minnie Mouse ears and his Mickey ears down from the very top of the toy shelf in the playroom. I don't ask questions if they arrive safely at my feet.

Lucy had tired of wearing her ears and had walked away to find something else. Murray on the other hand had just discovered his and was extremely eager to be Mickey Mouse. I helped him get his ears on. "Look Momma, I Mickey Mouse."

"Will Mickey Mouse give me a kiss?" I asked...he was just so cute...I couldn't resist!


"What if I am Minnie Mouse?" I asked putting on Lucy's Minnie Mouse ears.

and that was all it took. I got a nice kiss from Mickey Mouse today...wearing the Minnie Mouse ears! Murray was absolutely delighted! "I kiss Minnie Mouse. I Mickey, you Minnie, I kiss Minnie Mouse!"

Oh to escape to a world of make believe. It was wonderful to be Minnie for a few minutes and get a kiss from Mickey!

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