Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Waiting to go downstairs and our first peak around the corner...Lucy was very excited. I think she could see her house from upstairs.

After church and a change of clothes we opened stocking and got down to the business of playing with new toys! A great day!

In the evening on Christmas the kids were still a bit excited and Murray wanted to try out his new bike. Given it was cold and dark we didn't do it outside but at church in the gym. Definitely a perk to being a PK...who else spends an hour on Christmas running around the gym? It was so much fun, even Ginny was laughing. Murray used some Christmas money to buy some new Cars Duplos. He was very intent on following the directions and building it just right. Since then his train table has turned into a Lego table and he LOVES spending time building new fun things! (Thanks Granny Lu)

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