Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Phew! I feel like I just survived something huge! It was really just the holidays!

We started out with the flu just 10 days before Christmas and with no time to get my feet back under me, the race began. I'll be back blogging soon, my computer shuts down anytime I do pictures so I have a few blogs written awaiting pictures to be posted.

Christmas is a busy time of year, filled with extra fun and excitement and when married to a Pastor it's filled with lots of extra duties at work. When you're married to a youth Pastor working on a 2nd masters it's filled with lots of extra church services, a lock in and final projects!

I do my best to do special activities and traditions with the kids while focusing on the true meaning of the season. I also try to keep sane! This year we scaled back a bit in not only the extra activities but in the presents. Do you know what surprised me most? Lucy's comment later in the day on Christmas "wow! This is SO MUCH STUFF!" Guess they didn't mind the scaling back!

Most of the decorations are put away. The holiday books are out, the tree is up and we have 3 wise men candles waiting for Epiphany on Friday. We also just set up a new Nativity for the kids to play with (at the table so we don't lose any pieces)!

We're ready for 2012! (It's the year of 2,000 Aaron Rodgers at this house). 

Look for posts and updates in the coming week from all our fun festivities and our goals for 2012!

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