Friday, January 20, 2012


Lucy was born a punk rock least according to her hair. I'm most certain that on the day a baby is born one of the activities/conversations that take place in the hospital room with friends and relatives is not usually giving the newborn a mo-hawk and talking about the bows to be bought (the next day) to put in her hair. 

But that's our Lucy girl! Her hair has been so much a part of her since the day she was born. Her dad measured it...1.5 inches of jet black hair. She never got a bald spot, it never fell just kept growing. For awhile, it grew mostly around her ears and that was a topic of discussion.

She's had haircuts. Her first around 15 months, with regular trims following. The time had come...there were tangles, lots of tangles. There were tears over braids taking too long, and then the sad realization that her hair would never be long enough to toss out her window for Murray to climb up it!

There is a local charity that makes wigs for children with hair loss giving each child one free wig a year. Lucy became excited about another girl getting to have beautiful hair like her. 

Ginny's half birthday seemed the perfect occasion to celebrate...



She loves her new hairdo. We're growing it out (again) in hopes of her donating again when I donate for Ginny's first birthday (or shortly there after). We're enjoying less tangles, and new quick and cute hairstyles. We knew it would make her look older, but man...she's SO BIG now. Gone is the mo-hawk from the day she was born, but this beautiful young lady is joy to share each day with!

We're proud of our little lady for thinking of others and sharing the beauty God has given her. We're amazed at what a difference a haircut can make.

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  1. Wow! Amazing! Check out my companion piece to this on our family blog. :) Let's just say Maria is really not tracking with Lucy in the hair department. :) Very happy for your sweet girl to have done such a sweet thing. Good job teaching her to think of others.