Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Evangeline 6 months old

We're half way there...every month I'm amazed that we've reached another milestone, but this is getting crazy. From now on...each day that passes my sweet girl will be closer to turning 1, turning into a toddler than she is to that snuggly newborn I held just yesterday. 

Ginny continues to amaze us. Continues to feel like a miracle, continues to show us how perfectly chosen she was for our family at this time in this place. Continues to teach me so much about love. Continues to grow..she just happily grows!

Six Month Stats include:
Weight: 19 lbs 1 oz (90th percentile)
Length: 28.5 inches long (off the charts baby!)

Some milestones she's hit this month are sitting up and her first tooth breaking through on January 5th. She's rolling over more, and maneuvering to reach toys around her while playing on the floor. 

Ginny had her first food just days before turning 6 months old; we gave her a bit of avocado to celebrate her tooth breaking through, she really just thought we were crazy and did not think eating was exciting as it looks!

We can get you to laugh more now, and if you don't laugh out loud we can see it in your eyes. You continue to be a happy baby. Still not sleeping through the night (well, you did it 2 nights in a row and then thought that was for the birds and gave it up!), but I appreciate our time together when the house is quiet so I try to be thankful for it and remind myself I'll sleep when you're older. 

When you're older...don't do it sweet Ginny...don't get older just yet...just stay still and continue to be my sweet, happy, wonderful joy of a baby who doesn't know the word "no" yet!

Happy half birthday sweet girl! We're already planning for when you turn 1...just don't rush there too fast!

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