Saturday, January 21, 2012

More than corn...

There's more than corn in Indiana...
there's a favorite family of ours! 

We were able to go and visit Ginny's godparents and their 2 beautiful daughters.
We had a houseful, but Katy and I managed to get 1 project off her "before baby arrives" list. Her hubby Mark loves when Katy and I get together and do home improvement projects. 
This one we actually did start to finish without spending any money and had 5 kids awake and around at the time (baby #6 was well behaved in utero during the project as well). 

Here's a few pictures from out time with them!

Ginny and Olivia: Olivia is totally ready to be a big sister again and loves holding babies. We compromised and she helped Ginny sit up quite a few times while we were there! (Also, a happy birthday note to Olivia...she turned the 05 while we were there! Where has the time gone?!?)

Chloe helped entertain Ginny while the moms worked in the kitchen! She too will be a great big sister very soon!

Poor Murray...a house full of girls. Katy's sister-in-law (a friend from college) came by with her 2 kids for the day and we had some nail painting fun. Murray did partake and walked away with green nails. Maybe he'll get lucky and Katy will have a boy in March...I'm not holding my breath though...

Ginny loved catching up on Katy snuggles, we're all super excited to get to meet the new baby this spring. 

Overall it was a great couple of days and I had a wonderful time catching up with an old friend while Nick delighted in class discussions working towards his masters (we're almost there...). 

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  1. What a fun weekend! It's fun to see all the kiddos together. :)