Sunday, December 25, 2011

A boy after my own heart

Being married to a Pastor there are a few things about Christmas morning that are a bit different than I did growing up...

One of those is getting to church early on Christmas morning...the one car situation makes it even more complicated because we all need to get there when he needs to get there. So, instead of the rule being everyone must have their teeth brushed and hair combed before we go down to open presents (like it was at my house), the rule is No One may go downstairs by the presents until Everyone is dressed for church! 

This year the tree was down 2 levels in the family room, so we could be in the kitchen. I do a baked french toast so we eat breakfast just before leaving for church (after presents). 

We were just about ready to head downstairs, but waiting for a few people to finish up (I think Ginny was getting ready at this point). I started emptying the dishwasher figuring whatever I can get done now I won't have to do later....when Murray started helping out! 

This is a boy after my own heart! Christmas morning, he's anxiously awaiting the presents under the tree, just 5 steps away and he asks yes asks me..."can I help you put the dishes away mama?" Oh my goodness! That boy can be full of sweetness!

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