Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cookies

On December 23rd it finally happened. We were all able to slow down and enjoy the season. I had plenty of time throughout December to do special activities with the kids, and Nick had times he was home and we were together as a family, but it wasn't until this night that we felt like we really took a step back and had a moment to relax. It was wonderful!

We had prepared for it as best we could, keeping the kids out late the night before to finish some last minute grocery shopping so that when Nick came home from work on Friday we had nothing left to do. The kids and I worked throughout the day to finish up schoolwork and preparations for my parents arriving in town the next day (more on that later). 

From the time Nick stepped in the door it was just a fun family time...minus the tears shed over who got to use which cookie cutter and which cookie cutters were "Christmas appropriate". Overall it was a wonderful evening that ended with beautiful cookies (sad we didn't get a final pic) and a special favorite Christmas movie. 

The best part of the night was that my parents left early to get a head start. They planned to stop and stay somewhere overnight, but they made such great time they just kept driving and arrived shortly after we'd put the kiddos in bed. It was so fun to have my parents sneak into their rooms and give them kisses just as they were about to drift into dreamland! There were lots of happy voices and requests for extra kisses. A wonderful end to a wonderful night!

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