Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From our Garden to our Table

What an adventure we had at the Koschmann house tonight. We had picked over 4 lbs of tomatoes out of our garden this week (from only 1 plant) and just didn't know what to do with them. After discussing it for a few days we decided we would make an attempt at making some pasta sauce. So, we researched a few recipes online and found one that was simple and to the point. We picked a night where we thought we had nothing going on and planned to make a family event out of cooking dinner. So, when Nick arrived home we all went to the garden to get the last few red tomatoes. We then boiled water and I carefully dropped the tomatoes in while Lucy and Murray watched closely. After 2 minutes we put them in ice water and began peeling the skins off. I thought Lucy and Murray would have loved this...they did not! They thought the tomatoes were slimy and gross. So Nick and I enjoyed peeling and cubing the tomatoes, Lucy and Murray played with the ice and water. Then we all went out to play while the tomatoes drained.

Lucy helped with most of the recipe while Murray played. What an adventure to let her mince garlic and cut basil. She also added the red pepper flakes to taste (a bit too much for me...but I guess that's how she likes it). The house smelled delicious as the sauce simmered for 30 minutes. We all were able to enjoy our dinner...although Nick took his to go because he had a last minute meeting to attend. Delicious! Lucy says that tomato sauce from the store is much better than from our garden, but Nick and I strongly disagree and will definitely be making sauce again sometime!! (maybe soon if all those green tomatoes turn red...). I just enjoyed being able to show Lucy and Murray that we can make our own food. Something that I think is lost by going to the store to buy everything we need...not that I mind going to the store and buying what we need...but, it's nice to make things from scratch now and then!

Here's a few fun pictures a little closer...I think if you click on the collage it will allow you to view the collage bigger.


  1. Your picture skills are most excellent, I am digging the collage :)

  2. Thanks Gert...I couldn't upload all the pics I wanted I made a collage in worked quite well.

  3. Next you will be picking apples and making applesauce :)

  4. oooh, Mom...that sounds yummy. Lucy has a field trip to the apple orchard at the end of this month...can't wait!!!