Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Wake Up

For an hour and a half today this is what Murray kept saying to me as he played with trains, read books, and just stomped around his room. He was supposed to be sleeping, but every time I went back into his room to put him into his bed he said "I wake up, Mommy, I wake up!" He was very proud of himself for waking up and just didn't want to sleep...apparently the 3 minutes home from dropping Lucy at preschool were enough to keep him going. I'm hoping he sleeps well tonight and maybe even a little late in the morning. He's been sniffling and sounding hoarse and I'm afraid he might be getting the cold I've had this week. I am also hoping that this is not the beginning of the end of nap time! I am in no way ready for my sweet little boy to give up his rests that make him even sweeter in the middle of the day. He was happy until about 4:30 with no nap, but I was thankful for the nursery and midweek tonight to get us through until bedtime. Hopefully it was just a one day strike! I'll tell you would be just like Murray to give up his nap before he's fully potty trained! He just decides on his own when he's done with certain phases of "baby" whether I like it or not!

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