Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crafty Lucy

Lucy has really been interested in paper, scissors and glue these days. I posted the flags she made and she has just been into everything and anything that involves these elements. She is constantly saying "I need to do a project Mom!" I do help her get started sometimes or offer suggestions, but for the most part she is doing them independently. Although they do leave a trail of paper throughout my dining room I am really enjoying her creativity and she is getting better and better at picking up after herself.

Here are few activities from last week (It's been a little busy so I'm behind on blogging). She wanted something to do so I suggested making a paper chain. I did help cut the strips and showed her how to use the glue stick and hold the circles together while they stuck. But she went to town with it. She worked on it on and off for most of Thursday and the end product was quite impressive.

See, the chain ended up being taller than she was. I couldn't believe it! She keeps talking about adding to it, so we'll have to see if she does and I'll post a picture of the "finished" product if it grows any longer.

Above is Lucy painting. She is constantly asking to get the paints out and I finally let her on a morning with Paddy was over. I was surprised that it wasn't as messy as it used to be. A testament to how much bigger the kiddos are getting. Even Murray got involved and kept his hands clean. He didn't like them getting messy so he ended up having a washcloth next to him that he kept wiping his hands on. We ended up with a a pile of paintings after this day...because after these paints we did some water colors! Once again...I'm enjoying being home so they're doing these crafts at my table!

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