Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lucy's First Day of Preschool

Well it's here...a new school year. As much as I'd love for summer to last forever, the start of the school year brought cooler breezes and the promise of a changing season. I'm excited for Lucy to be in the afternoon class this year because it means that we still have the morning to play. This morning we did lots of projects to keep her excitement at bay. We colored on large cardboard and made a giant "toodles" (a character from Mickey Mouse). She also created her own American Flag and used craft sticks for a giant pole. Murray thought it was a pretty great flag and wanted one of his Lucy helped create one for him. When he saw the finished project he said "beautiful". They marched around with their flags for a good 20 minutes.

Above are the pictures of Lucy and Murray with their flags....below are some of Lucy on the porch ready for school. I can't believe she's 4 and headed off to school.

Lucy was all about posing for pictures this year. 3rd year of using the

apple backpack and it's holding up great!

Lucy really wanted Murray to come up and say goodbye to her...he really wanted to go with her to preschool...and apparantly didn't want to stop to pose for pictures.

Lucy was a pro at school. While they asked us to stay with them for the first day...she really didn't need me. She was excited to check out the dress ups, although strangely she didn't want to try any on. We spent lots of time reading, building with the giant waffle blocks and playing playdough. She sat great at circle time (which was mostly information for the parents) and then sang 2 songs with much gusto. Made me glad we decided to stick with the same teacher from last year so songs and routines would be familiar. I'm excited to see what the year will bring as we make decisions about kindergarten.

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  1. Tom and I love the flags and want our own to proudly display at work :) LOVE YOU

  2. The flag is not quite has rainbow stripes...but the thought is there...