Monday, September 27, 2010

Up on the House Top

Up on the house top
click click click
fixing and painting
is our Dad Nick...
OK, well the song may be a little cheesy, but that is what we did today. After sleeping in a bit (until 7:45) after getting up twice in the night; we spent the day doing chores around the house. On an the middle of the night I told Murray to go back to sleep for a long time and he responded "I hope to Mommy." He sounded exasperated, like he was just as confused as I was as to why he was awake at 3 am. OK, back to our day...we ended up cleaning bathrooms and putting toys away. Then we all got dressed, put coats on and headed outside. Our gutters needed some cleaning in a few areas and a portion of the wood had lost its flashing so Nick painted it with some outdoor paint to protect it until we get that replaced.
The kids thought it was so great that Nick was on the roof. They ran around the house pointing and yelling/cheering for him as he worked. They also were very interested in the big tall ladder he was using to get up onto the roof. So, after waiting patiently and being great listeners they each had a turn to climb the ladder (with Nick close behind). What an adventure this was! It was great to see each of their personalities come out as they climbed. Murray was absolutely fearless, he climbed up to the top of the ladder without hesitation and Nick plopped him to sit on the edge of the roof for a minute. I wish I had my camera...he was so proud of himself being so high up!
Lucy had been talking excitedly about climbing onto the roof the entire time we had been outside. Negotiating down the age she was allowed to go onto the roof from 10 (what I suggested) to 5 (what Nick suggested). She was all about walking around on the roof with daddy. Until she got about 5 rungs up on the ladder. Then she started saying "this is really high" "I'm not too sure about this" and finally "I'm scared Daddy." She did make it to the top of the ladder and timidly sat on the edge of the roof where Murray had sat, but it was not the exciting adventure she had imagined. That being said, she was proud of herself and she is glad she did it...but I'm not sure she'll be climbing onto the roof to help anytime in the next few years! (I can't say I'm too upset about that).
After a super busy weekend, this was a perfect family day at home beginning to prepare for winter. It was great to spend time working together and to enjoy the finished projects by grilling outside and playing baseball in the yard...although I admit I watched from the window, it was a bit to chilly for me!

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