Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

In an effort to continue blogging I'm going to strive to write about something I'm thankful for each Thursday. As I sat through a huge rainstorm and pondered what I was thankful for I ended on this...having the ability to stay home full time with my kids.

I tried the part time work thing last school year and it wasn't for me. I am so incredibly thankful that Nick and I were blessed with being poor the first few years of our marriage which taught us how to live on next to nothing. God is good and HE has provided for us in ways we would have never imagined. After deciding to stay home again this year I will now have a full house on Tuesdays and Thursdays watching kids of 2 different friends. What a blessing! I love a full house and the joy of being able to be the one near my children is truly a gift. I realize I will never get these days back and I love being the one to answer all of Lucy's random questions. Just today she asked "why does God want fire to come to a house?" what a perfect opportunity to talk about our fallen world and God's ability to bring us back from something that hurts us or makes us sad, we also talked about God providing. So glad I was around to answer that one. So today I am thankful for my home and the ability to serve my family in it. I'm thankful for being able to answer Lucy's questions and hear all the giggles and let's be honest, the whining. What an awesome career choice I've been allowed to make to stay home and be a mother and a wife.

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