Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast

Grandma Koschmann left Lucy a few back to school presents. In these was an adorable sweater with a matching belt. So, Lucy got all dressed up for school last Wednesday. I couldn't believe how big she looked. After getting her dressed and her hair braided, to the side per her request, I sent her down to tell Daddy "I'm ready to go to High School". Well, she gladly went down and announced this and then added "and then I'm off to Hollywood". Oh Lucy! What a personality this girl has.

A few days later I put her in a pair of old jeans with holes in the knees. They're from last year and she was just playing so I thought they would be fine. She became so excited and said "Thank you mommy for getting me pants like all the big kids." Lucy has apparantly been observing the fashion of the high schoolers and was excited to find out that she too could wear pants with holes in them! Yikes!!!

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