Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful that my little boy who can be so stubborn is so stinkin cute. He and I had a battle of the wills over nap today...he just didn't want to miss any of the action. Who can blame him? Paddy was over this morning, and usually Murray goes to sleep before he leaves, but today he wouldn't. So I knew I had a small window after Paddy left before the other kids got here. He screamed, he cried...I pulled in the big guns. I sat next to him and rubbed his back and then stood in his doorway. I used to do this when he was just transitioning to a toddler bed. I knew he would fall asleep, I just hoped it was in time! Well, he sat there staring at me. Then slowly it happened. His head bobbed once, and he jerked it back up eyes opened determined to stay awake. This went on for about 10 minutes, the whole time I was stifling a giggle...finally he laid his head down and took a two hour nap! So, I am thankful for naptime and the fact that I got to watch my little boy fall asleep. He woke up happy and ready to play.

I am also thankful for thunderstorms. What an awesome testament to creation and God caring for it. Thunderstorms just wash away the dirt and grime and liven things up a bit. It almost feels like a fresh start for the gardens. I know fall is fast upon us...although our leaves on not changing the weather has cooled down quite a bit....but it's still nice to see the grass get a bit greener just one more time! I really enjoyed the thunderstorms outside today and watching the kids watch the wind blowing the rain sideways. What a fun day!

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  1. i agree - thunderstorms are awesome when you're safe, warm, and dry inside!
    glad you got to watch murray fall asleep. it's a special treat and rare around our house these days.