Friday, September 16, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for PANTS!!!
Jeans to be a bit more specific. You may think I am so excited to wear pants because of the cooler weather (you would be correct)...or that I finally fit into pants that button (that happened a few weeks ago...but it would still be correct)...or if you're following my absurd facebook statuses recently you may think it's because an amazingly new pair of jeans arrived at my doorstep today...2 pairs to be exact!

It has been years and years since I bought a non-clearance pair of jeans. Mostly my shopping since Murray, errr...Lucy has consisted of...these are super cheap and fit, so I'll wear these around the house. Not a bad way to go, but they wear out quickly...or don't fit "just right". (Actually, after Lucy my jeans shopping was usually...hey Greta, do you have any jeans you're not wearing anymore? Stealing from your baby sister is a bit strange...)

Enter baby #3...these jeans just aren't working for me anymore...they're too tight here, or sag a little there...and they're doing nothing for making me want to get dressed and moving in the morning. So, when a 50% off coupon for GAP arrived in my inbox, I couldn't resist and I bought some jeans.

It's amazing to have jeans that fit, and to wear a belt thankful for the USPS and GAP for providing me with some stylish warmth today!

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