Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

I've been absent from blogging lately and focusing more on getting my life as a mom of three better organized. We needed to move out of basking in new born Ginny and into life as a family of 5. So, we've cleaned out closets, the toy rooms and the kids bed rooms. We bough school supplies, officially started kindergarten and have been working on a routine that includes Ginny taking at least 1 nap a day in a bed (usually her bed, but if Lucy wants to nap she'll sleep just as well in the pack n play).

I keep taking pictures, and thinking..."ooh, that would be a good blog thought", but I never seem to get to here's to hoping I get to it today,or tomorrow...but for now we're enjoying life as a family of 5, breaking the habits we of whining and putting things off as we made this adjustment.

So, today I'm thankful for getting back into a routine, for my 3 kids and for the adventure that comes with it!

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