Friday, September 2, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

Monkey see, monkey do happens at our house a lot these days...

Lucy does something, Murray does it louder and with more's quite entertaining (most of the time). We've always called Lucy and Murray our little monkeys. It started because Lucy was so obsessed with monkeys and Curious George and continued because Murray was such a monkey himself...we did find him in the sink at 11 months! Ginny is just being lumped with them so far since she's given us no reason to think she won't be a little monkey as well. So I often just say...where are my monkeys? or Let's clean up monkeys! They know who I'm talking to and respond a lot better than when I call them kids or something similar.

Because we love monkeys so much at our house we have lots of monkey related things, including lots of monkey books. Today we were reading through a few of our favorites including Cha Cha Chimps and One Monkey Too Many. The plot of One Monkey too many is that every time they find an activity perfect for that number of monkeys another monkey arrives and trouble happens. On the last page the author leaves to go to lunch saying 5 is the perfect number of monkeys for the book and then a 6th sneaks in..."One monkey too many climbed into this book!" It's a great read! After reading the last page today I say to Lucy, "What do you think, do we have 1 monkey too many in our family now?"

Her response, "No mom, not even close!" Guess I better watch out!

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