Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Review

I've never done this before, but I'm just so intrigued by this book and so much enjoying it, I felt I needed to do a review of this book and share it with my other mommy and teacher friends out there!

This week Lucy's lesson plans called for learning about prayer. The activity they gave you was to add prayer to before meals and family time and to introduce prayers your child can memorize to their day (as in Now I lay me...the Lord's prayer, etc.) Well, we do this already...quite a bit. In fact just a week or so ago we started working on Luther's Evening Prayer with the kids and when they get that the goal is to add in the morning prayer at breakfast.

So, even though I'd say she's doing the activity they suggested it made me think that while we do lots of praying with her and we let her tell us things she wants to pray about, how do we teach her to pray, really pray...go to God with her innermost worries, thoughts and thanksgivings?

I know I can model that...but only so much. Do I want my 5 year old to see my crying while I pray that I'm not adequate enough to be her mother?!? Really? I don't think she needs that ammo!

Enter the book review: When we went to DC for my sister's wedding in April we visited Nick's old church. They had just done a weekend conference for families/kids on praying and I had a great conversation with the woman who had organized it. She even gave me the book, I read it this summer and tucked it away thinking it would be great for Lucy in a few years.

Well, we're doing it now!

Praying in Color Kids' Edition: Kid's Edition

Praying in Color for Kids.

We're working our way through it chapter by chapter. Yesterday she "learned" to doodle. To let her pencil move and not try to make a picture...or anything really.

We talked about prayer and praying for things you think about.

I'm excited to see where this takes us! Next week we'll start working on our "doodle" being prayers for God. Intentionally thinking about being in God's presence and visualizing what we're praying about...without needing to put words on it.

I know it's a lot for a 5 year old, but if we start now, we can keep growing on it. I'm just trying to equip her with the tools to grow her prayer life as she grows!

Let me know if you check it out how it works for you and your kiddos!

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  1. That sounds awesome Rachael, thanks for sharing. I'll have to get this book to work through with the kids. Love & Miss you tons.