Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Just a few things...before the quiet becomes chaos!

We're enjoying a quiet morning with Murray at preschool...and the thought keeps creeping in my mind: I would never appreciate the quiet of two children if I didn't usually have three! It's strange to me! I can remember feeling like things were SO incredibly busy when Murray was just a few months old. Two kids was just so busy...

Now when I have a morning of just two kids I plan extra school for Lucy and make goals for myself and Ginny and even have time to imagine up extra projects I hope to do later in the day (mmm....banana bread)!

I'm excited that Ginny is napping in her bed, Lucy has finished school (minus handwriting...she'll finish this afternoon b/c she just couldn't concentrate any longer!)

What a terrific Tuesday morning, but now I'm sitting here counting the minutes until my sweet boy comes home from school...it's just too quiet without him!

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