Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for my strong healthy children. We had a great time at gymnastics and signed Lucy up for the next level. Starting November 11th she'll go every week for just over an hour. I'm excited for her to learn more body control and to be proud of what she can do. I'm thankful to be blessed with children who are strong and healthy.

I realized today that I never posted my "Thankful Thursday" last week. I had it written before lunch and after nap it quickly became null and void. I had been thankful for dry underwear on Murray...we had 3 accidents that afternoon. I am however thankful for the progress we have made. We're wearing underwear at home these days...and even though he's still having accidents they're becoming less frequent and more predictable as when/why they happened. He is a stereotypical boy who when engrossed in his favorite play activities just doesn't seem to want to stop playing...I'm still figuring out how to help him with this and remind him to sit on the potty frequently. We're getting there though and I am confident he'll be "potty trained" soon!

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