Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coming Soon

Halloween Pics are coming soon. Nick put them on his computer so I need him to be home and not on his computer at a time when I can sneak away and upload pics to a blog...they're coming, I'm just not sure when...sorry for the delay's been a busy week!
That being said, I'll tell you a bit about our Halloween adventures. We had a great weekend with Grammy and Pop Pop visiting. It's always fun to see the kids interact with their grandparents and this visit was certainly no exception. Lucy was in Grammy heaven when my mom first arrived and they began sewing the finishing touches of her costume which included making her hat. It's such a special thing for Lucy to be "learning" to sew with Grammy...I hope she keeps it up and gets really good...maybe I'll even learn a thing or two along the way!

There was lots of story telling and book reading by Pop Pop and also lots of car watching and playing ball with Murray. It was great to hear all the conversations and giggles that happened over the weekend between my parents and the kiddos.
On Saturday night the Troxel family made the drive down to introduce Matthias to my parents and to carve pumpkins. Let me tell you 5 kids and 6 adults is a lot of busyness for my house to handle! All pumpkins were carved and all mouths were fed and one especially cute little boy was passed around so overall I say it was a successful trip.

Sunday was Halloween of course so after church, naps/football, and some pizza for dinner we headed out to Trick or Treat. Jarret joined us on this adventure and what an adventure this particular walk around the block was! This was the first year that Lucy really got into how much candy she could get, while keeping Murray from plopping down and eating the first piece he received was a challenge all on it's own. It took us just under an hour to go around the block and their buckets were full by the time we got home.
Murray did not appreciate the scary costumes and skipped a few houses because of them and by the end would yell "NO SCARE ME!" at any passerby who was dressed to frighten! We did our best to avoid these costumes... When we arrived home both kids were excited to pass out candy and take a look at what they had received. They each picked out 1 piece of candy and enjoyed it before heading up to bed.

Monday we decided Lucy could skip preschool so we could all go to the Henry Ford Museum. My mom hadn't been before and we wanted to show her a favorite of the kids. What a fun and full day it was! We started on the opposite end than we usually do and explored some new places as well as visited our favorites: the combine, the Dymaxian (round) house, and the train.

We were sad to say goodbye to Grammy and Pop Pop, but thankful for the fun and busy weekend we could share with them! What an adventure to have people we love come to visit us!

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