Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cakes and Counting

Today when Lucy left for preschool I mixed up some cake batter and made two 6 inch cakes and 6 cupcakes (that's what you get with a box of cake mix). I'm working on my first wedding cake and it will have a 6 inch top tier. Murray was home and was "watching" me do my baking. He's not allowed to touch any of the cake badder for the wedding. He did however help me decorate the cupcakes with some leftover frosting.

While the cakes were baking Murray and I read a few books and just spent time together. After a while the timer beeped and I went to check the cakes. The cupcakes were finished, but the cakes still needed a bit more time. So, I took the cupcakes out of the oven too cool and left the cakes to continue to bake setting the timer for a few extra minutes (so I didn't forget...hey, it can happen, I've been known to leave a squash in the oven for 2 days b/c I forgot, don't worry, the oven had been turned off...but that particular squash never became baby food, just cooked trash)...

"Those hot mommy?" Murray asked "Yes, those are very hot, don't touch them." I said about the cupcakes sitting on the counter.

We went back to reading until the timer beeped again and I checked the cakes, carefully sliding a toothpick in...not quite done.

Back to reading we went. When the timer beeped a 3rd time, Murray was excited to get some toothpicks out of the box to help me...he knew what we were doing. He graciously took out about 15 toothpicks for me to check the cake with. I took 2 of them and sat him on a stool far away from the oven.

I checked the cakes, which were done and placed them on the counter to cool. Murray, was busy checking the cupcakes with toothpicks. He stuck the toothpicks in each cupcake, counting as he went. "Look Mommy, cakes done!"

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