Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's the little things...

Sometimes I feel like we get a glimpse into God's plan, the minute details of what He hopes we will achieve or enjoy while we're on this planet. I like when you can look back on something and say, "that is more than a coincidence, that was planned". Well, I feel like we've been having one of those weeks in the Koschmann house. For better or worse, God has been revealing His hand in our lives and showing us our strengths, our faults, and where He can help us out. Not that we don't see that daily, but some weeks it's just more of a lesson learned.
It's been a long week, one of those weeks that feels like it has 5 Fridays, because everyday at some point you just has to be Friday today...oh wait it's only Wednesday, or whatever day it is. At one point I thought it was Monday, I thought I had completed one week and started another...I was sad to find out it was only Thursday.
Ok, you're probably wanting me to get to the point, enough about my long week, I've already written about a wedding and a funeral this week, along with Nick being gone for 2 days, so this post couldn't possibly be about that again...right?!? Well, it's not, at least it mostly isn't. This post is about friendships. While Nick was out of town we had made plans to go to Greenfield Village. We actually had thought we'd go to the museum, but when the weather was supposed to be nice, we decided it was best to spend some time outside, what a great day it was!
So, where is the glimpse into God's plan in the midst of a visit to an outdoor museum? Well, it wasn't where we went, but who we went with. Our first call here to Michigan has proven again and again that God will supply us with all that we need. Earlier this year I went to a funeral for a friend's husband, while at this funeral I reconnected with a few friends from college who were a year behind me. People I knew, but hadn't even talked to since graduating. One of those ladies happened to live in Michigan, happened to live a little over an hour away. So, after a little facebooking we decide we'll meet at Greenfield Village on a Friday afternoon. We just both happened to be free on the Friday Nick was going to be gone. A double bonus for me as I would have tried to plan an activity for that day anyway. Wow is all I can say! Becky has 2 girls, 1 turned 4 in July the other turned 2 on June 10th (just 12 days before Murray).
I have never seen 4 kids who just met get along so well. I have never lost track of time while wandering around with someone I haven't seen in 4 years. Both of us are Pastor's wives with 2 kids virtually the same age and just had a blast! I know it may not seem like much, but I totally feel like God was smiling on us and saying...see, I know the plans I have for you...see, I placed you here together now and I placed you together before so you would have something to base this friendship on. It's amazing. That being said, I hope we get together again very soon!
So here's a bit about our day...
We wandered around and visited the glass blower, the tin maker, and the farm (a first for all of us). Murray LOVED the chickens. He chased them around and kept saying "here chicken" and "I see a chicken" He was so excited about the chickens that when we got to the carousel ride and he saw a chicken he just had to ride on it! That boy was all smiles and kept talking about riding a chicken...he kept saying "bawk, bawk" while the carousel went around. They LOVED looking at all the pumpkins spread throughout the village and we learned while on our Model T ride that they have employees and volunteers carve approximately 850 pumpkins every Wednesday in October! That's a lot of pumpkins. The larges pumpkin they had on sight was 966 lbs!! That isn't the pumpkin Murray has his picture by (it was roped off), but the large pumpkins were also certainly a hit with the kids! Lucy once again asked to go into the hat shop and we tried on lots of hats, Murray still prefers the hats with flowers...but I don't blame him, they are more fun! Overall it was a great fall day to enjoy the weather outside and we finished it with a train ride and a walk back over the covered bridge.
I'm so glad we've discovered this great place so close to our house and I'm so thankful we were able to share it with new friends! The kids were tuckered out and after going through the drive thru for dinner (they slept through all of it), we ate dinner and watched a movie waiting for Nick to get home. The kids were so excited to see him! After laying in bed for awhile Lucy came out and said "I just can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about Daddy".
What a great way to end a busy week!

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