Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun with PlayDough

This morning we started a new routine. Mostly it consist of me waking up earlier so that we can all eat breakfast together as a family. We've been working on Lucy doing some memory verses at breakfast and just having it be a better start to our day. Our main goal for doing this is to get everyone up, dressed and moving so we have less whining and lazy time in the morning. Man did it work! By 9 am the kids had colored, done a number match game, and were working on playdough. All after eating breakfast, getting dressed and following me around for awhile until I redirected them to a few activities.

Around 8:30 when Nick left for work I sat down at the table with them and joined them for a combination of coloring, cutting and playdough. This turned into one of my favorite playdough activities...cutting! Murray is just beginning to show an interest in using scissors, he puts his fingers in the correct holes, but holds them in more of a horizontal way...so they don't really cut paper, but, playdough they cut! He was so proud of himself! He sat there for about 15 minutes cutting playdough.

Lucy who was busy coloring started to get excited too...so she started cutting some playdough, with her more advanced cutting skills she was able to cut out a princess shape, then add hair, a crown, a veil and eyes, nose and mouth...it was pretty neat to see all the pieces along the way...although the end product looked a little blob like, but if you looked close you could see all she had done! So what a fun morning we had before our day had even really begun. I think this is going to be a very fun, but busy routine for us!

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