Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Pumpkin Festival

Saturday evening we did one of my absolute favorite Trenton activities. It's the Great Pumpkin Festival. People and groups from the community donate carved pumpkins to the cultural center (just up the street from church...so close to us!). The cultural center displays the pumpkins around the gardens and has risers and shelves for some of the pumpkins. It's so amazing to see all the pumpkins together and to look at each individually. Murray's favorite this year was definitely the spider ones and Lucy was impressed with the more elaborate carvings, a witch by the moon, a castle, a princess....

The whole event has made me even more excited for carving pumpkins with Lucy and Murray this year. It'll be the first time in a few years for Lucy and a total first for Murray...we just need to figure out when it's going to happen. Here are a few favorite pics from the evening out!
Murray and Lucy with some of the pumpkins.

We finished up the evening with a donut and cider...

Murray loved this!

Another fun activity they had was visiting the

fire truck that was on hand, just in case.

Overall it was a fun family activity, and I love that they are raising money for a good cause. DTE, the energy company in the Detroit area donates $1 to a shelter for battered women for each pumpkin donated. This year they were aiming to have 1200 pumpkins donated; I didn't hear the final count.

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