Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

I'm having difficulty being anything but exhausted today. Nick left after midweek last night to head to Indiana Wesleyan University to start his masters program in youth ministry. What an awesome opportunity this is for him...I guess I'll be thankful for that! However, he left me home alone and Murray did not sleep well last night. He went to bed at 8, and I waited up till just before midnight when I received the text that Nick had arrived safe. He was driving a friend's car (another thing I am thankful for) and it was raining so I just couldn't settle until I knew he was at the hotel safe and sound. Murray woke up around 1, and again a little after 3 saying his tummy hurt. Each time he woke up and was crying I sat in his room for about 20 minutes b/c usually when he says his tummy hurts, a very stinky diaper follows and I didn't want him to sleep in it. He woke up for the day a little after 6...which equals not very much sleep for this mommy.

So, in my exhaustion I am thankful that it's Thursday...and a gymnastics Thursday at that. It was nice to have an outing for the morning (one that we could go on since Nick used a different car for his travels and we still have one at home!). It's also nice to have the kids I watch in the house today occupying Lucy and Murray. While it's a little more work for me at times, it also provides a little more playtime for the kids without my involvement.

I am also thankful that Nick will be home tomorrow evening...this isn't a very long trip for him, and he won't have to do it very often. Most of his classes will be online. I'm excited for him to be given an opportunity to grow in this new way.

If you wait a few more hours...I'm sure I'll be thankful for bedtime! Happy Thursday!

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