Monday, October 11, 2010

The Party of the the Century

Well, at least that's what the bride and groom were calling it. I'm not sure if others are claiming the title, but it was a great time. We had an extremely enjoyable weekend visiting with the Muther and Herbolsheimer families and Nick had the honor of marrying the youngest of each family (to each other). I'm pretty sure it's a once in a life time opportunity to marry the siblings of 2 of your close friends. A few highlights of the weekend were Katy and Mark arriving at our house on Friday evening so we could enjoy a little extra time with them (and they could have not quite as long of a drive on Friday). Saturday morning Katy and I totally lucked out and left early to go to Molly's bridal luncheon, leaving earlier than everyone was not necessarily lucky; but driving in a car just us with no kids was amazing! We had forgotten what 2 hours of uninterrupted conversation was like...we even missed an exit we were chatting so much. Good thing we'd left with plenty of time so we still arrived a few minutes early to the luncheon even with our 20 minute detour.

Murray and Chloe (Katy and Mark's youngest daughter) fell in love at the wedding. You may think I'm joking, but they spent the reception dancing and kissing. When Chloe wanted to twirl on her own she left Murray in tears on the dance floor only to be consoled by "Monkey Preschool Games" on Nick's ipod. I know there are pictures of them kissing on other people's cameras...and if I get a hold of one I'll post it so you can see the proof. It was quite entertaining!

Lucy was a dance machine. Watch out Tom and Greta...she is now practicing her dance moves for your reception...I'm pretty sure she'll dance all night if we let her. She was still dancing today! At one point one of Molly's college friends was mimicking her every dance move and she thought she was pretty cool to have someone dancing like her!

I know there were lots of fun things the kids said and did throughout the weekend, and overall they were super well behaved. We enjoyed sharing this special time with our friends and their families. It was great to get to see all the little ones interact and enjoy each other (Molly and Brian had 7 flower girls, all of their nieces). A few of our favorite quotes from the weekend were Lucy seriously inquiring "Why can't Mommy get naked on the dance floor?" As Nick explained she could get her PJ's on at the wedding, but I couldn't. She also as she was falling asleep in the hotel one night asked Nick why God gave us the words I'm sorry and I forgive you. What an inquisitive little girl. Murray spent the weekend talking away and amazes us at the sentences he forms; describing every detail of the world around him.

Along the drive we were able to see all the beautiful fall colors that MI has to offer and we were extremely thankful for the beautiful views God blesses us with. Lucy has decided she likes all the colors on the trees except green and wishes it could be fall all year long!

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