Friday, July 29, 2011

Blessed's the word that keeps coming to mind these days. I just feel amazingly and wonderfully blessed. I know it's cliche, I know most new moms feel blessed, but I just truly feel that Ginny has been a huge blessing to our family. I've noticed more joy and laughter in our home since she's arrived. Lucy and Murray enjoy playing together more often (this could be the absence of my pregnancy cranky pants and my encouragement of more activities and games), but I also feel as though they have a renewed sense of joy and ownership in being "brother" and "sister". They are not only excited to be Ginny's brother and sister, but they're discovering that they can be a team together as well. I can't explain the joy I feel when Murray wants to do a craft and Lucy offers to help him...or Lucy wants a push on the swing and Murray does everything he can to give her that big push (she gave up on that and practiced pumping today and did great)!

I feel truly blessed to be able to snuggle my baby at night and put her back to sleep. While the payment for these late night snuggles can be a bit tiring...I'll take it. There's something magical about watching a thunderstorm out the window while feeding a snuggly newborn while the rest of the house sleeps. These moments are gone all too fast and you never get them back...I may still get snuggles from my bigger kids, but they just don't fit in my arms the same way.

I feel blessed to be the mom of 3 great kids and the wife of a loving and supportive husband. He may be a bit crazy at times, but the love and energy Nick brings to our family could not be replaced, and our home would not be the same without him.

Life is good these days...and the blessings seem to be as abundant as the snuggles!

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