Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We have a big kid at our house!

I can't believe it...I know it's been approaching...but there's no denying it now...

We've started kindergarten, she's getting taller and has been showing characteristics of a big kid for quite a while now...

But, since we brought Ginny home from the hospital our "Little Lucy Girl" has made 3 major accomplishments:

*She started swimming on her own with no assistance...she can swim the front crawl, floating on her back and under's pretty amazing!

*She can pump on a swing! What a joy this is for more pushes...or sometimes just a little one to start her off!

*Yesterday we walked up to the school playground and Lucy went across the monkey bars all by herself without any help!

I can't believe how strong she's getting, how much control she has over her body and just what an all around "kid" she has become. It's not just the baby in the house...she's really growing up!

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