Friday, July 1, 2011

37 Weeks!!!

Well...we've made it. This tiny peanut (well...not really so tiny anymore) has grown FULL TERM! I think back on that day when I first learned I was pregnant and the prayers I have said for this sweet baby already and am feeling so blessed that I will get to meet her soon. I am not naive enough to think that nothing can go wrong from this point out, but I know that she is ready...she has grown big enough to survive outside of my belly.

What a blessing!! We can't wait to meet her! The kids are over the moon for her already and my concerns are less about how they'll feel and adapt when baby comes home and more about if she'll survive the smothering of kisses and head rubs she'll get from them! Murray knows he can not pick the baby up...but he can rub her head and tickle her toes. Lucy can't wait to be the pacifier provider and has even asked to learn how to change diapers (we'll have to see on that one!).

What a blessing to grow our family. I can't wait to meet our little girl, to decide on a name and to learn all about her. Come on sweet's been 37 weeks...aren't you ready to see the outside world yet?!? We're sure ready to see you!

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