Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Thanks for our matching outfits Boba and Tommy! We love letting everyone know we're sisters!

Don't you love the hair bow mommy found to match my pink tutu...makes me think of your wedding day...everyone at church loved it! I told them I borrowed it from mommy :)

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  1. Woo Hoo! So cute! :) Makes me want to find more matching outfits!!

  2. P.S. Tom was amazed at how big Ginny is already looking -- I agree...

  3. I know...Ginny is getting SO big already. We go to the dr. on Monday for a weight check and I'm scared to find out how much she weighs...her cord still hasn't fallen's the only thing that keeps reminding me she's still itty bitty!

    And...I totally LOVE the matching outfits. Seeing them in matching outfits makes me think I could totally spend a fortune on super cute clothes for them...and then I remember I'm married to a Pastor...but Lucy LOVED dressing the same as Ginny and they were just adorable! I completely support matching/coordinating outfits :)