Monday, August 1, 2011

3 weeks and 3 years!

This morning Aunt Kate and I took Ginny and Murray to the doctor for some check ups. Murray's 3 year check up (yes, a little late...we're doing his 3 year old pictures tomorrow) and Ginny's 3 week check up (right on time).

Here are the stats from the check up:

Ginny: 10 lbs 8 oz and 22 inches long, head circumference 37 3/4 cm

Murray: 34.5 lbs and 40 inches tall, blood pressure 88/58

I have two healthy kids. Murray did need 1 shot and it was his first that he'll wasn't very fun, but he did well and I took him for a treat after. I suggested a happy meal and he asked if Lucy could have one too, so we picked up 2 special lunches and then picked Lucy up from VBS to share our treat.

It was Kate's first "kid" doctor experience and she got to experience the "mommy guilt" that goes with shots. From now on though, Murray will remember that the shots hurt and then feel hopefully there will be less guilt involved on my end of things for him. I hate knowing it's going to hurt him and him having no clue of what's coming.

Thankful for healthy kids though!

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