Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ginny's Baptism Up Close!

Here's a few highlights from Ginny's Baptism Weekend
in a totally random and no particular order (sorry)...
Olivia LOVED holding baby Ginny...I'm pretty sure she would have held her all day if we let her!

This is the most still I have EVER seen Murray sit in church. It was after the
service of course, and he was enthralled with the drums!

Evangeline Kate, baptized August 7th. She wore the "Murray" baptismal gown and a necklace from her Great Grandma Eve whom she's named after.

Big Sisters Olivia and Lucy

Koschmann family and Rudzinski family...oh how I wished we lived closer!

Koschmann Party of 5!

Yum! Nick made ribs (and chicken and corn)...

My last minute cake...it turned out pretty well
(there will be another post about this as it was the most delicious cake I've ever made
and I MUST share the recipe I found!)

Chloe holding Ginny...she is also baby obsessed...all the babies in my house were using all the baby equipment all weekend long...Ginny had to wait her turn to use the swing, car seat, bed, bouncy seat etc...adorable (since it was only for the weekend...)

Ginny was pooped after a long, super fun day...she just watched me clean up from the kitchen counter (don't worry...her daddy was standing right there by her!)

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